About Us

Globalshop is an international parcel distribution company that allows its customers to shop at more than 1.7 million leading American retail stores, catalogs and websites from the comfort of their own homes.

In conjunction with our parent company SkyPostal Networks, the largest private mail service in Latin America, we provide our customers with a U.S. address which they use to receive their online purchases and we deliver those purchases directly to their home or business.

We have made the challenges associated with shopping in the U.S. a thing of the past by combining:

1. The convenience of the Internet

2. The utility of a ‘suite’ U.S. postal address

John Smith
Suite BR1001
7801 NW 15 Street
Doral, Florida 33126

Miami, FL 33106

3. The logistical expertise of an international courier service

The Globalshop's website provides an unmatched services to its customers by created one place where all of their U.S. shopping needs can be met.

Globalshop provides you with:

  • Your own address in the United States beginning from the time you register.
  • Your own Personal Shopper who does the shopping for you in the U.S. if the store where you want to buy does not accept international cards or if you prefer not to use your card at that store.
  • Recommendations on where to shop in the U.S.A and what to buy.
  • Customs and Shipping information for each country.
  • Use Globalshop's Rates Calculator to quote how much it costs to buy your product in the U.S., including shipping costs.
  • Complete visibility and tracking of your purchases.

Why Globalshop?

Globalshop’s choice for a name clearly states our mission: To be the one place their clients need to go. For what? To shop in the U.S., for peace of mind in their shopping experience, for convenience in an otherwise complex process, and for guidance where it’s very hard to find. We want to provide our client the best user experience possible, and we strongly believe that we can do just that.

Ready to Start?

Click here to register for your own Globalshop Address and begin to enjoy shopping from the U.S. just as if you lived there.

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