Do all you online shopping in the USA with ease
  • Your own US Tax Free Physical Address

    Save 7% on your purchases using our tax free address when shopping online at U.S. sites, most stores with a presence in the State will charge you 7% Florida and Dade County sales tax.

    *TIP: If a store you like doesn't accept the tax free address, just let us know and we'll contact them.

    Reliable and Fast Door to Door Delivery

    Once we receive your merchandise from your retailer in our Miami facilities, we process and delivery it right to your door, you don't need to deal with customs at all.

    *TIP: Remember to have enough funds for upcoming payments; that the invoice is included in your package and look for any emails from us in order to prevent any shipping delays.

    Customs Clearance and Handling

    Globalshop will handle all customs clearance processes for you, so you don't need to worry about it.

    *TIP: Any customs/duties charges will be automatically billed to your card.

    Free Insurance up to $200

    We protect the first $200 of your items against loss and damage
    for FREE.

    *TIP: Never use a shipping provider who doesn't offer you protection.

    Children's Clothes Free of taxes (EU countries only)

    All children's clothing is exempt from both VAT not free of duties. This means that whatever the VAT rates on children's clothes are in your country, you will not be charged if you ship through US!!

    TIP: Look out for even more discounts on great brands, in our regular emails.
    Customs will have the final decision.

  • Shipping Calculator

    Our calculator can provide you with a close estimate of the total cost to ship your package to your home. It includes shipping insurance and customs and duty charges.

    *TIP: Always calculate Dimensional Weight in order to avoid unexpected charges.

    Country Information

    Look at our Pricing & Customs page for information on your country's international shipping rates, duties, permitted items and more. Make sure you read this before you start shopping to ensure your goods can be delivered without delay.

    Tip: Make sure you are fully aware of all the customs and duties requirements before you order your goods.

    Online Package Tracking and Billing

    From the moment your package is received in Miami, you can log into your account to track it's progress to your door. We will also alert you via emails as the shipment is processed.

    *TIP: You can access more detailed information by checking the "My Account" section onsite.

    Live Chat Support

    Our Live Chat function allows you to chat online, directly with our Customer Services team in English, between the hours of 0900-0600 local Miami time. Our knowledgeable team will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

    *TIP: You can also Send us an email via email and phone outside our normal hours of operation.

    Personal Shopper

    If you can't use your card to pay at an online US merchant, try our Personal Shopper service - for a small 10% fee we can buy and consolidate all the items for you.

    *TIP: The Personal Shopper always consolidates your packages!

    Access to your account at all times

    At any time you can access your account and make changes to your personal data, change your payment method, view your charges and order history. Everything you need to know about your shipments is available 24 hours a day.

    *TIP: Keep track of your package shipping status by viewing your orders through here.

  • Special Deals and Offers

    We have a dedicated affiliate manager who works to source top offers with leading brands like Amazon, Victoria's Secret, GAP and Zappos.

    *TIP: Remember to check the 'Marketplace' tab onsite, and our emails for the latest discounts!


    If you're looking for a continual source of savings on your US purchases, our Marketplace is made for you. This gives you access to exclusive coupon codes and private sales to help you find the best prices for your US purchases.

    *TIP: this is the best place to check for daily discounts in one single place.

    Price Comparison Engine

    PriceGrabber is a price comparison engine that allows you to search and compare prices on the items you are looking for at hundreds of US sites. You'll never pay too much for an item again.

    *Tip: Use this tool to compare prices on the products you're looking for.

    Your Personal Data is Protected

    When you register with us you can have the peace of mind knowing that your data will be safe and protected at all times. It gives our customers the confidence to do business with us every day without any worries.

    *TIP: When registering on a site where your card information is requested, make sure the header includes an https:// instead of just http://

    Where to Shop

    With so many stores online, you may need help finding what you want. Where to Shop is our US store directory, where you'll see hundreds of stores that sell just what you are looking for. And they are guaranteed to accept your international card payment.

    *Tip: Save Time and Money - by choosing one of these stores, and using your tax free address.

    Personalized Alarms

    We will keep you posted with email alerts regarding the status of your packages. These keep you notified on the status and location of your package, and any shipping and duties charges due.

    *TIP: Check your junk mail if you believe you should have received an alarm but haven't. Then, mark us as a trusted source.

  • What do we offer?

    When you register with us you receive own US address. This allows you to shop at any US online store and send your goods to your address in Miami, Florida. We then take care of the delivery process all the way to your door.

    *Note: We are not Freight Forwarders. We deliver your shipment within our own network with one carrier responsibility - so you don't have to worry about customs clearance.

    How does it work?

    Our onsite step-by-step guide takes you through how to shop online in the US, and have your items delivered to your door. Simply visit the 'How to Shop' tab on your Globalshop site.

    *TIP: Be sure to review this presentation before you make your first purchase

    How much does it cost?

    Detailed shipping rates are displayed on the Pricing and Customs page. Here you will find pricing based on the weight of the package. Remember to always also take into consideration the size of the package for dimensional weight charges.

    *TIP: Use our Calculator to get an estimate for your dimensional weight charges.

    How long will it take?

    Once received from your retailer in our Miami facilities, your package takes 4-8 business days to be delivered right to your door.

    *TIP: Remember that our delivery time begins the moment we receive your package in our facilities.

    What is Dimensional Weight?

    When we send you a package, we pay for the actual weight of an item and the space it uses inside the aircraft. This space is called 'Dimensional Weight'. You can estimate the dimensional weight cost of your shipment by entering it's dimensions in our calculator.

    *TIP: Ask the store where you are buying for if they can provide you with the box/package dimensions.

    Package consolidations

    To offer you a timely service, we send your packages as soon as they are received in our depot. For this reason, we do not consolidate shipments.

    *TIP: Use our Personal Shopper service if you would like us to consolidate - or ask your online retailer if they can do this before they deliver your purchases to your Miami address.

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